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Ice Arena Cover Panels & Sports PanelsSylvan's Arena Panel™ is as close to perfect as any cover panel for Ice Arenas, because it is custom produced to meet the exacting demands of each facility in terms of thickness, size, weight, R-Values, color, and texture and other criteria. Quick-set production techniques enable us to offer these customized features at very competitive prices and precise quantities. Since 1991, NHL and other hockey facilities in North America, Russia, and several places in Asia have used our Arena Panel™ with success, due to it's tremendously durable surface, and ease of installation. The panel does not Ice Arena Cover Panels & Sports Panelscrack, chip, or contaminate the ice like most other alternatives on the market, and is designed with a balanced reversible lay-up, that can be flipped over for extended life. Forklifts, cranes, and risers have frequently been moved over the top of the Arena Panel™ without causing the breakage typical with other cover panels. (An OSHA-compliant, low-slip option is available to meet the "due diligence" compliance for safety.)

Ice Arena Cover Panels & Sports PanelsWe also offer other related products including Rink Surround™ panels, Sylvan Dasher Board™ panels, Skuff-Guard™ Utility Panels, Tru-Bounce™ Wall & Floor Panels, and Agri-Panel® Kitchen Panels (USDA /FDA approved), Sylvan Stagedeck™ panels, Roller-Floor™ panels.

When an ice-skating venue is covered with Sylvan's Arena Panels for event conversion, our Rink Surround™ panels can be produced to the combined thickness of the ice and the cover panels, thus providing a level, matching surface across the entire arena for basketball, concerts, and various events.

Ice Arena Cover Panels & Sports PanelsSylvan's Skuff-Guard™ utility panels are often used as wainscoting or full-height panels in hallways, material handling areas, and even in bathrooms to provide an attractive surface that is much more resistant to scratching, abrasion, wear, graffiti, and grease build-up than other materials on the market.

Ice Arena Cover Panels & Sports PanelsOur Tru-Bounce™ panels are often used in basketball practice facilities, racquetball, handball, and squash courts on walls or floors. For walls, these panels can be made up to 24 feet long, with T&G edging to reduce "soft" spots. For some of the specialty applications mentioned above, such as dasher boards, stage panels, roller floors and more, Sylvan panels combine features such as high-resilience, cost effectiveness, easy installation, and custom options to suit your needs.

For kitchen, cooking, and food handling areas in Arenas or Sporting facilities, you may refer to our USDA/FDA approved Agri-Panel, which is used for walls, ceilings, and flooring.

For initial design and construction of arena exteriors and venues, please refer to our Concrete Forming section. DURA-POUR® Form Panels produce "polished marble" at the cost of concrete, for areas of exposed columns, retaining walls, parking garages, and corridors.

For prices or information on any of Sylvan's Sports Arena Panels & Accessories, please Request a Quote, and we'll respond promptly with pricing and information.

Ice Arena Cover Panels & Sports Panels Ice Arena Cover Panels & Sports Panels Ice Arena Cover Panels & Sports Panels
Ice Arena Cover Panels & Sports Panels Ice Arena Cover Panels & Sports Panels Ice Arena Cover Panels & Sports Panels

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