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Dura-Pour® Plastic Overlay Form Panels

For stunning results in concrete, DURA-POUR® Plastic Overlay Form Plywood is the panel most specified by architects, project owners, and concrete contractors around the world. More than just an overlay form panel, DURA-POUR is a results-oriented architectural process that produces a polished marble-like result at the economical cost of concrete. In addition, the process lends itself to variety of distinctive details that are obtained by Sylvan's plastic chamfer, rustification, and plastic tie cones. Even projects involving form liners can be nicely off-set with the remarkably smooth, mirror-like results of DURA-POUR.





DURA-POUR panels are used on cast-in-place projects(job-built), engineered gang forms, or tilt-up projects; especially where an attractive architectural finish is expected.

Typical projects include parking garages, stadiums, arenas, university buildings, airport structures, shopping malls, office buildings, office warehouses, hotels, urban multi-family units, and many other interior or marine projects of all sizes.


Exterior Applications



Interior Applications


Also of benefit is for contractors that are using engineered or gang form systems, the DURA-POUR panel has been shown to last 3 times as long as HDO, thus actually providing a lower cost per pour and a better finish, with little or no surface repairs.  

DURA-POUR provides a good reflection on you and the project.


For dramatic or large-scale projects, DURA-POUR is available in custom sizes up to 5 ft. wide, and 24 ft. long. Moreover, Sylvan is able to provide custom cutting services to minimize job-site cutting errors.


Custom sizes and shapes.

Why settle for the ordinary concrete, when you can achieve extraordinary results at little or no extra cost? Specify DURA-POUR. For prices, please designate DURA-POUR in the Request a Quote form, and we'll also respond promptly with complete information and instructions on the DURA-POUR Architectural Form process.



Architectural Form Panels


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