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Static Dissipative & Conductive Panels
Where dissipation or conduction of electrostatic discharge is critical, you find Sylvan's Electro-Guard® panels ready to "take charge". Applications include flooring, wall panels, ceiling panels, or shelving in computer rooms, electronics assembly areas, mezzanine & material handling areas, and research & testing departments. The industries most commonly served include aerospace, computer assembly, data-processing, electronics, healthcare, light manufacturing, research & development centers, and the semi-conductor industry.
Static Dissipative & Conductive PanelsFor prices or information on any of Sylvan's Static Dissipative or Conductive Panels, please Request a Quote, and we'll respond promptly with pricing and information.

Static Dissipative & Conductive Panels
ELECTRO-GUARD® panels can be custom designed static, sound control, thermal insulation, strength, and/or appearance.
Static Dissipative & Conductive Panels

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