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Truck, Trailer, & Container PanelsSylvan's Poly-Comp® Trailer Panels are specifically designed for use as floor decking, wall liners, and skirting and door panels in trailers and flatbed trucks. With over 10 years of service in the transportation industry, the panels have given customers the benefits of easy installation, economical cost, low maintenance, high durability, and low weight for larger payloads. Available in many size and strength configurations for your specific requirements, whether for vertical, horizontal, longitudinal, or cross-directional installation.

Truck, Trailer, & Container Panels
POLY-COMP™ trailer panels are available in many sizes, textures, thicknesses, and colors.

Consult with your Sylvan Trailer Specialist, and learn how this chip & crack resistant panel can be a hassle-free money saver for you and your customers. We also provide MDO pre-sanded plywood for doors, and hard wood plywood kits for decking.

For prices or information on any of Sylvan's Trailer or Container Panels, please Request a Quote, and we'll respond promptly with pricing and information.

Truck, Trailer, & Container Panels


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